Apple, carrot and ginger for prevention of influenza

“Eating an apple each day keeps the doctor away”! It’s packed with vitamin C and doesn’t cause any tummy troubles. And hey, don’t forget to munch on a crunchy carrot for some extra dose of vitamin A and C. Oh, and if you’re feeling adventurous, throw in a piece of zesty ginger for a kick! Ginger is not just a spice, it’s like a superhero with its antioxidant powers and circulatory benefits. Plus, it adds a warm and cozy feeling, perfect for chilly days! So, go ahead, snack smart and stay healthy!”
Got some joint or muscle pain? No worries! Mix 3 drops of pure ginger essential oil with a tablespoon of unscented cream or any edible oil. Massage it onto the area and say goodbye to inflammation and pain. Do it before breakfast and dinner for best results. Easy peasy!
Hey there! When you start feeling those pesky cold or flu symptoms, grab yourself a cozy cup of ginger and lemon hot infusion. Make sure to let it steep for as long as possible. Add some raw honey to sweeten the deal. This concoction works wonders to fight off those bugs and give you an energy boost. Plus, it’ll help you recover faster and beat that chronic fatigue. So, stay positive and ginger yourself up!
If your symptoms do not improve within two or three days at most, please seek both herbal and medical consultations by the third day at the latest, in order for you to request your personalised prescriptions of herbal or standard antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant medication from your GP, as required for your individual clinical case and circumstances.
IMPORTANT: Diabetic patients, those affected by disorders of blood sugar, blood pressure or other known metabolic illnesses should seek a herbal medical consultation as well as a visit from your trusted family doctor for adequate prevention and rapid treatment on the first available occasion. In case of breathlessness, for example if you suffer from asthma and/or experience sustained high fever, you may need to have your own oxygen bottle and mask at hand as well as a finger pulse oxymetre, which may reveal whether you need to call an ambulance or emergency service (Please read the instructions on how to operate your device). Your local emergency service may well provide you with the best quality of such equipment for your home use.

analysis of the effect of ginger oil on bisphenol A-induced breast cancer cell proliferation.

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