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Information for new patients
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At least once, most patients of mine meet me in person at clinics, which can be arranged within walking distance from tube stations in the London Boroughs of Ealing, Greenford or West London and specific locations may be organised.

I also travel regularly to Verona to deliver herbal medicine course and can offer consultations there on request.

Your Medical Herbalism consultation price includes formulation and dispensing of personalised liquid herbal preparations (500ml up to 1litre), individual nutrition advice and the delivery of your herbs. 

Mycotherapy products and food supplements are subject to commercial variations and are not indicated.

Consultation Fees

  • £175 First Medical Herbalism consultation and registration (90minutes)
  • £150 for follow-up health consultations (60minutes)
  • £125 for prevention and stable maintenance consultations (30minutes)
  • £80 Aromatherapy (60min).

For urgent and convenient treatment, most of my patients request to attend video-consultations online either by Google Meet, Skype or Zoom. Please note that both a stable WiFi connection and a good size computer or tablet screen are required.