Nutrition, Phyto- and Myco- Therapies help you get into your ideal shape.

Optimal nutrition is a pillar of medical herbalism

How do we investigate what causes weight gain and obesity?

Before selecting the strategies for switching on your metabolism, in order to reach your ideal body shape, it is helpful to seek an in-depth investigation of every possible physiological blockage and of possible constant environmental causes.

Amongst the main factors for excessive weight gain, there are seasonal climate adjustments, which happen rapidly, thus affecting the body’s bio-rhythms, which might discourage from daily physical activity according to individual ability and motor function.

For example, occasional sun exposure might result in inadequate body synthesis of vitamin D, which is required both for mood and for preservation of our vital energy.

The quantity of vitamin D should meet daily requirements. To determine the adequacy of vitamin D levels, it is possible to get blood tests and specific exams, which can be ordered by your Herbalist and Nutritionist, who is also expert in Mycotherapy.

Should you be affected by chronic fatigue, you might be unable to undergo a detoxification treatment or to slim without putting on weight as soon as you have achieved your ideal weight.

Exhaustion is a sign that our body is lacking vital energy and is deficient in nutrients or even of a depleted immune system, particularly after partial recovery from a chronic or acute infection, which has not yet fully healed and has left profound traces, which should not be underestimated.

A slimming plan may bring lasting results, provided the digestive terrain of the microbial intestinal flora (microbiome) is restored adequately. The microbiome runs from the gut to the stomach, to the oesophagus into the oral cavity and the head into the central and peripheral nervous systems. The state of neglected deficiencies might then cause psycho-physiological burnout. Any nutritional deficiency results from months, even years of inadequate nutrition, which may be defined as malnutrition.

Malnutrition is the consequence of food rich in “empty” calories, which lacks any nutritional density and build up fats and toxins in adipose tissues and become difficult to burn or eliminate with average simple improvements. A malnourished person might feel tired upon waking up, have irregular bowel movements, food intolerances or even develop allergies, besides feeling chronically stressed, which eventually leads to various modern pathologies, which have been linked to modern overeating.

In all the above described situations, it would be important to consider starting a herbal and nutrition plan with mycotherapy by appropriate professional monitoring at least seasonally.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism involves the physiological reactions contributing to maintaining adequate cellular and vital energy levels, which begin from food digestion and absorption of selected and filtered nutritional substances from any harmful or unwanted residual body toxins and waste. Every nutritional source of vital energy shares the environmental conditions, in which we live, where every life form is born, develops, reproduces and is preserved, and every human life exists.

Unfortunately, environmental factors such as pollution, abuse of prescribed drugs and refined foods, which are full of chemical preservatives, cause intoxication of adipose tissues and of the whole human body, thus overloading the body’s metabolic functions.


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