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Medical Herbalism

Medical Herbalism includes modern as well as holistic traditional diagnosis, nutrition, lifestyle advice and personalised formulas. 

Hydration and relief from chronic autoimmune disease symptoms with Pinus spp. Aloe Vera Gel, Pressed Citrus fructi with Water.

This summer 2021, people are at higher risk than it is normal to become dehydrated. Besides sudden high climate temperatures, an Italian 23-year old lady who has received 4 or 6 doses (as initially reported by media and then corrected) of Pfizer experimental gene therapy in one injection, due to human error of her nurse, has been constantly dehydrated without any hope of immediate recovery, despite drinking 7lt of water per day and is reported to remain severe pain, which means that there is  evident chronic inflammation and an hyper-inflammatory immune reaction.

The increasingly Mediterranean temperatures and the holidays will favour contact with Maritime and other Pine species. Pine needle extract is antihistamine, inhibitory of immune system cytokines and prostaglandins and antioxidant and its effects might be compared to those of cortisone in reducing inflammation.

A retired Italian GP, Dr Silvana De Mari, has informally suggested the emergency use of cortisone after the  current experimental gene therapies in the form of Deltacortene with azithromycin antibiotics containing antiviral macrolides, immediately after the jab, in order to prevent chronic autoimmune diseases from starting (to be requested from your trusted family doctors). With Pine extract, a safe dose and ideal dose may well enhance well-being and be an additional option for those allergic to standard drugs, yet the dosage is yet to be recognised for each individual person, in my view. This does not stop anybody from making Pine needle tea and drink two cups a day safely, so long that the Pine species is well known and not mistaken from different plant species that may look alike. Alternatively, one may try one of many Pycnogenol supplements from their favourite health shop or request a Herbal Medicine consultation, which may well include other helpful herbs under supervision.

Pine essential oil can only be recommended in no more than one or two drops, because essential oils are solvents, which are often source of allergic reactions in sensitive people, who may have to avoid essential oils altogether.

It is important to draw everybody's attention to the theoretical effects of 5G onto the ferrous electromagnetic sensors  underneath the site of injection, which has been checked by the very reputable Dr Biscardi on one of friendly acquaintances to very great astonishment! Reasons for heat, inflammation and dehydration are, therefore, very complex and may be countered by addition to plenty of water at least 60ml up to 180ml per day aloe Vera GEL, with its renown uses to prevent all kinds of burns both orally and as skin treatment.

Please just take care to use Aloe Vera GEL, which has been filtered from its peel and its content of laxative anthraquinoness, which have are prohibited for sale in the EU. Please do add freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice, both for improved taste and vitamin C and flavonoid provision, which support collagen production, adequate blood flow, further hydration and tissue elasticity!

La ragazza cui sono state iniettate 6 dosi di Pfizer è stata dimessa. AGI Italia. 10 maggio 2021. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical effects of Pinus pinaster bark extract . , Pine bark (Pinus spp.) extract for treating chronic disorders

The Holistic approach involves the diagnosis of physical, cultural, environmental and lifestyle factors, which may well provide essential information for both maintenance and achievement of an individual's optimal health.   Plant-based preparations, nutrition advice may be combined with medicinal mushrooms or essential oils for greater synergy.    Therapeutic plans are personalised for children and adults of any age for any conditions, which may be submitted to your Family Doctor.  Examples of conditions that benefit from herbal treatment include:

Allergies and dermatological conditions

Arthritis and musculoskeletal syndromes

Candidiasis and genitourinary problems

Chronic fatigue syndromes

Chronic infections

Chronic sleeplessness and neurological conditions

Colds, coughs and flu

Moods swings and chronic stress

Digestive complaints from mouth to gut

High blood pressure and cardiovascular problems

Endocrine and menstrual imbalance, pregnancy and childbirth

Slimming and metabolic syndromes

Your clinical consultation

About your clinical consultation and treatment options

  • At your first appointment, a comprehensive medical history is taken, including about your lifestyle and diet. Where appropriate, a physical examination is carried out, which may confirm or complement the diagnosis of your General Practitioner (GP).  A full range of private medical tests may be requested, should further investigations become necessary.
  • Please bring with you any prescribed medication, herbal supplements or results of any available medical exams, which assist in evaluating pharmacological interactions and contraindications, particularly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • A suitable treatment plan is agreed with you to suit your health priorities and lifestyle choices as well as your budget.
  • Follow-up appointments may be required after a fortnight and subsequent visits may be every four, six, eight or 12 weeks, depending on your needs. If your health is stable, you will be posted repeat prescriptions.
  • Your prescription herbal medicine will consist of the best quality extracts available in terms of purity, the concentration of active ingredients, knowledge of traditional use and scientific data. You may be supplied with tablets, capsules, tinctures, fluid extracts, herbal teas, juices, distilled waters, aromatherapy essential oils or creams.